FAB Squad
FIERCE Armor Bearer
The dynamic team of Brand Ambassadors for FIERCE Factor Lab!
The FIERCE Factor Lab’s mission is to hold the space for women to become the highest and best version of who she was born to be!  To understand that her gift matters and to really hold the space for women to take the gift in them and serve the world as they commit to BE THE ANSWER! 

The FAB Squad, is a group of entrepreneurial women who are successful in their own right and have joined together with FIERCE Factor Lab because of their commitment not just to their own purpose but in holding the space  for other women to join them on this journey.   The FAB Squad brand ambassadors, helps to foster a dream of Nicole Roberts Jones, the CEO & Founder of FIERCE Factor Lab, of creating something larger than a product or even larger than a brand name. To really shake up the plant and create deeper meaning in people’s lives.

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